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Replace the removed playground equipment in Wadsley Park Playground

We the undersigned petition the council to Provide replacement play equipment in Wadsley Park Village playground to improves the wellbeing of local children. Over the past few years most of the equipment has gradually being removed from this well used and will loved little park. So far none of it has been replaced. During the last few months especially the park has well used, with children, teenagers and adults using it as a space to have fun, exercise and socialise. Surely outside recreation should continue to be encouraged. We are aware that the council has been allocated some spending for parks and hope to hear that some if this will be used to replace the equipment in this park. Below is a summary of the equipment that has been removed over the last 10 years. 2 play teepees. Both gone, never replaced 2 bouncers and a seesaw. The bouncers have been removed, never replaced, the seesaw has recently been removed. 1 set of climbing bars and 1 set of monkey bars. Gone, never replaced. 1 wobble walker

Over the last few years the state of our local park has become a disgrace. Every year another bit of equipment seems to be removed, never to be replaced. The local families have asked several times over the years, with emails and newspaper campaigns to get support from SSC for the park, however nothing has been done. Only with the help of Bradfield Parish Council were the swings replaced (and even then the 8 seats were reduced to 4 - currently 2 during Covid).
The recent loss of the seesaw, which was dangerous and looked very repairable has brought this to ahead again. A day later the climbing frame was damaged, due to neglect (not vandalism as reported). The wood floor was rotten through. This is now also out of action.
We don't just want this repaired, we want more investment, more equipment and support for our children to continue to play safely outside.

Started by: Caroline Savage

This ePetition runs from 13/04/2021 to 25/05/2021.

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