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Agenda item

Work Programme

The Work Programme will be circulated by the Policy and Improvement Officer.



The Committee received an update of the Policy and Improvement Officer (Deborah Glen), who apologised for the lack of a formal work programme, this was still work in progress.




The Policy and Improvement Officer outlined the suggested items for the Work Programme




·         Social Housing

·         Homeless and People with recourse to public funds

·         Violent crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

·         Hanover Tower




The Policy and Improvement Officer advised that Hanover Tower was an item to be discussed at the next meeting.




Councillor Sangar requested a progress report from the Police Board on Selective Licensing.




Councillor Rivers advised that Hanover Tower report should be urgent, but she also wished to see the Youth Strategy for future discussions. The Policy and Improvement Officer advised that this item was already on the Children, Young People and Family Support Scrutiny Committee’s work programme, but a discussion could be held with them regarding a joint review.




Councillor Shaw requested an update report from Housing services on how they doing in respect of council housing service repairs and he wished to know what the impact has been on housing service and tenants.




The Chair wished to discuss scrutiny going forward and suggested that holding six meetings of the committee this municipal year would enable the committee to consider all the issues suggested for the work programme.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       agreed to include all the issues discussed, in the Work Programme over six meetings; and




(b)       requests the Policy and Improvement Officer discuss the possibly of carrying out a joint review with Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee regarding the Youth Strategy.